About us

Since its inauguration on the 16th of October 1956,the "Mihail Jora "Philharmonic Orchestra of Bacau has been continually growing in quality ,due to the intense musical activity of the members of the orchestra under the leadership of such famous conductors as Eugen Pricope , Igor Ciornei and Ovidiu Balan.

Today the orchestra has about 75 members ,most of whom are members of various chamber groups such as "Tescana",the renowned "Trio Syrinx"(flute -Dorel Baicu,Oboe-Adrian Petrescu,bassoon-Pavel Ionescu) winners of six international prizes in famous international competitions., "Fagotissimo" bassoon quartet, "Consonante" quartet,and Capriccio" duo.

The permanent repertoire of the orchestra comprises symphonic,vocal-symphonic and chamber concerts from various centuries and belonging to different musical styles.baroques, classical romantic, contemporary.

Apart from the weekly concerts during the musical season ,the philharmonic orchestra organises various international festivals like "Enescu ,Orfeul Moldav","The Contemporary Music festival"(Zilele Muzicii Contemporane"),The Young Composers'Workshop"( "Atelierul Tinerilor Compozitori"), international conducting courses,and so on.

In the last 20 years the orchestra has been constantly taking part in numerous international contests,accompanying the semifinalists and the finalists playing the piano, the violin and windwood instruments(Italy- Citta di Cantu, Valsesia Musica, Barletta, A.M.A. Calabria, Racconigi, Brescia, France - Floraisons Musicales, Aix -en- Provence, Spain- Madrid, USA- Altamura Music Festival on the Greene etc).

Due to its artistic value, the orchestra has been invited to collaborate with various European recording companies such as: Electrecord (Romania), Edi Pan, Musica Insieme, Exess (Italy), Cadenza Music Production (Germany),and has performed over 1000 concerts in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Gibraltar, USA, Greece, Malta, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, USFR, the Ucraine, Moldavia, Korea. The orchestra was invited to participate in the"Altamura Music Festival On The Greene" and to the 20th anniversary of the "L. v. Beethoven" festival (Long Island , USA - 2001).

The "honorific manager" and conductor of the orchestra Maestro,Ovidiu Balan, belongs to the generation of dedicated and famous leaders of orchestra whose merits are internationally acclaimed.He studied in Bucharest with Maestro Iosif Conta and attended courses in Holland, France, USA with: Jean Fournet, Marius Constant, Fernand Quatrocchi, Eugene Ormandi, Zubin Mehta, Seiji Ozawa, Georg Solti, Pierre Boulez, Lorin Maazel.

He has conducted important orchestras ( USA, Cuba, Italy, Germany, France, Hollland, Bulgaria, Yougoslavia, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Hungaria.)and received the A.T M. Prize for the interpretation of Beethoven's 9th Symphony,the prize of the art critics for the interpretation of contemporary music and the prize awarded by the newspapers in Bacau.

For his artistic activity de received the "Cultural Merit" award(1982, the title of "Master of Arts"(1994) in the Moldovian Republic, of Honoray Citizen of Bacau city and district ,"Puncetto d'Oro" of the city of Varallo - Italy.

Comments and impressions

"In my opinion ,the orchestra is a solid, first class middle European orchestra that demonstrates the wonderful tradition of warm music making"
Robert Gutter, S.U.A.

"A few words about Bacau Philharmonic: Wonderful memory of performing with the Bacau Philharmonic in 1998 and 2003 ; great Maestro, first-class orchestra."
Mikhail Yanovitsky, S.U.A.

"The Orchestra of Bacau is one of the first orchestras I ever conducted in my professional life and it has been a pleasure to have been working with them for fifteen years now. These musicians have integrity and a high sense of purpose that you do not find in another orchestras in Romania."
Karel Marck Chichon,Gibraltar


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